I made towel turbans!



Hey look it’s a towel turban! If you don’t know what one is, Google images have some super cheesy photos of women modelling them. We’ve recently bought new towels and i thought it would be fun to have matching hair drying articles. So I went back to the shop and got an extra bath towel, and using an old turban as a template I managed to cut the pattern 3 times. Then I just needed some elastic and some buttons out of my mighty collection. I’ve made one, one is in progress and the third is in the queue. I do expect them to come to pieces in the washing machine because I can’t believe something I’ve made could withstand robust use but we shall see.

In other news the plan for creating a sewing space is coming together, and I also made these salt and pepper chicken wings which were absolutely gorgeous and there was so much we’ve been eating them for days. I will definitely make them again/weekly.

First, a confession.

Dear internet,

I don’t know how it’s happened, but all of a sudden I’m addicted. It wasn’t meant to be this way. I was just curious. I had hobbies and interests before this, but they’ve fallen by the wayside and now I’m surrounded by the paraphernalia of my new obsession. I think I’m becoming a sewist.

First it was just the blogs. Tilly, I blame you for making it all look so easy. “Maybe if I could just alter clothes, that would be a good skill,” I thought, innocently. Then I started browsing for beginner patterns and a boot full of charity shop bed sheets appeared. Then, the machine. It was all I wanted for my birthday, so I was indulged. When I found myself crying in John Lewis because their fabric is so beautiful (this actually happened), I realised I had to own up to my problem.

The thing is, and here’s the funny part, I can’t really sew. I remember using a sewing machine once at school, and about 2 years ago I went to an evening class to learn the basics, but I had such a problem with cutting and measuring I barely got a chance to use a machine. But it’s no good denying the facts. I’ve started now, there’s no way back.

So, lovely internet, here I present my blog, my record of my attempts to understand this new world I have cluelessly entered. I have so far make a few small items (we needed coasters anyway…) but as I head to Ikea to ight with the Hope of converting the spare room/computer room into a spare room/computer room/sewing room, I hope to be able to show you my first attempts at clothing very soon.

Wish me luck,

The Bewildered Sewist